About Us

La Vita Vital, meaning the essence of life, was born as a result of the rare, exotic and unique source of rare gemstones found in nature and used in La Vita Vital designs. This provides a one-of-a kind experience Al Baca brings to every piece he creates. The combination of quality, client service, focus and experience is why La Vita Vital has reached beyond national boundaries to international clientele, and consistently strives to bring the essence of authentic creation through both earth and man.

Al Baca has been intimately engaged in the creation of hand-crafted and customized jewelry since 1984. He started his career with a Swiss company based in the heart of Los Angeles Jewelry District in California performing precision cutting of rare, exotic stones.

His talent and enthusiasm to offer clients unparalleled design and the ability to create exactly what they desire propelled him to go out on his own in 1992.  His level of ability has been recognized and selected across the globe for decades now by luxury retailers in the Caribbean, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mexico, Switzerland, Milan,  as well as the United States ports of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Alaska, Hawaii and many other U.S. cities.

Al and his son, Auston Baca, and their knowledgeable staff work tirelessly to create the perfect piece for you, their client. Clients are served by easily accessible locations in Orange County and Los Angeles, California.  Not limited to a storefront, or national boundaries, clients across the globe have the opportunity to work closely with the La Vita Vital team to create their one of a kind, dream jewelry piece.

Our clients can choose from a limitless array of finished pieces, or they can work with the La Vital Vital team to create jewelry inspired by you. Your authentic jewelry piece begins with a sketch, and is transformed into a 3D color image by Auston, with modern day methods creating the perfect blend of both traditional and modern values. From start to finish, La Vita Vital can have a custom piece completed within three days.
For a free consultation and estimate, contact La Vita Vital today at info@LaVitaVital.com or give us a call at (949) 353-0100. We invite you to share in our enthusiasm for creation!